Labalm: Two toddlers in Spertental

At the beginning of September we were back in the Kitzbüheler Alps for another hiking weekend. We decided to go back to the Spertental for a hike to one of the local Alms.

As we were hiking with our friends Tanja and Daniel and their one year old daughter Nelly, who was about to give hiking in a baby carrier her first go, we decided for a short and easy hike.

We hiked through the Unterer Grund from the parking lot at the beginning of the toll road to Labalm, which turned out to be a bit of local gourmet restaurant rather than a traditional mountain hut (we were after all very close to Kitzbühel). The menu was a bit more varied; the dishes definitely tasty.

The hike there takes about an hour fifteen minutes. We needed a little longer this time. While Nelly was enjoying the views from her seat, Otto, with several successful hikes in a baby carrier under his belt, went on strike and refused to be carried in the carrier for most of the hike. Instead he roamed along the way in all directions and had to be carried in our arms or on our shoulders.

Although the whole hike followed the tarred toll road (it could be done with a pram too), it was very pleasant per se (convincing Otto to get in his carrier (and failing) was less so). There are great views of the Wilder Kaiser at the start and end of the hike as well as a very nice playground, a waterfall with a hanging bridge somewhere in the middle and a flock of geese to marvel at at Labalm.

Trip summary:

  • Start/ end: Aschau, Spertental toll road start
  • Ascent/ descent: +/- 200m
  • Walking time: 2 hrs
  • Travel from Munich: 2 hrs by car

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