Two old bikes

Cycling like urban walking is another great diversion from and not quite as great a substitute for hiking. It is also ideal for building up quads and other thigh muscles. Hence, I packed my 90s cycling gear from my long gone teenage cycling days, appealed to a highly reluctant Constantin and finally set off on […]

Enjoying the view in Grabuenden

So you are packing for a trek in the Alps? You have most probably thought of the big things to take with you (if not checkout this list). You’ve got your boots, your backpack and your waterproofs, but what about all the other bits and bobs that could come in handy? Here are the six […]


Hütte, cabane, rifugio, chamanna are all names for mountain huts in the Alps. But what are they about? If you are planning a trek in the Alps, you will most likely be staying in mountain huts and if you’ve never been in one, you might be asking yourself what it involves. Or, you might well think that it’s […]

Backpacks somewhere on the Alta Via 1

Packing for the Alta Via 1 isn’t much different from packing for any other Alpine trek. Here is an equipment list including what I took on a six day trip along the AV1 last August.

Monte Civetta

The planning of this year’s hiking trip to the Alps continues … Having done some research on the Dolomites, the Alta Via 1 sounds like the right option. It is a typical haute route style trek from hut to hut, without exposed via ferrata (those that are part of the trail can be avoided). With […]

Hiking maps and guides

So much is happening this summer! I have only just come back from a cycling trip on Thursday and I’m already getting ready for the next adventure. We’re going hiking in the Kleinwalsertal in Allgäu next weekend.

Hailstones and leaves

I haven’t done the weekly photo challenge for quite some time. This week I felt like a hiking blogger has to be able to find something related to “beneath your feet”. I found three interesting shots from the last few years, but this one seems to be the prettiest. Two years ago when we hiked […]

Alpspitze and Zugspitze

Right, I have finally made it on to a proper hike in the Alps! It was at the short and easy end of the hiking scale, but it was a hike. In fact there were two hikes.

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's

While I still can’t hit the Alps properly (bar some short strolls), I at least keep going on urban walks. Two weeks ago I was in London where I managed to walk quite a bit.

The Prague Castle

I love Prague. Every time I go back I get excited by all the history that Prague is infused with. Past periods seem to be layered on top of each other in the streets of the Old Town as if in a big puff pastry pie of history.

Italian maps mark via ferrata with little plus signs

If like me you are just a “normal” hiker, hearing the words via ferrata or Klettersteig for the first time probably gives you a little tingle of excitement coupled with a big question mark. “What are these things?” you ask yourself.


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