Lac de Moiry from the Sassenaire ridge

Last year the planning of the by now traditional annual hiking trip ended up being a bit complicated. First, I wanted to tackle the Gran Paradiso, but no one wanted to join me. Then I had to get through three routes for a trek in the Valais, before finally settling on a fourth one. Although […]

Enjoying the view in Grabuenden

So you are packing for a trek in the Alps? You have most probably thought of the big things to take with you (if not checkout this list). You’ve got your boots, your backpack and your waterproofs, but what about all the other bits and bobs that could come in handy? Here are the six […]

An old man in short shorts

Old men in short shorts are an Alpine phenomenon. They are to be admired and treated with suspicion at the same time.

The new ladders at Pas de Chèvre: 3 ladders and 2 bridges

The ladders set-up at the Pas de Chèvre (2, 855 m) are one of the tricky parts of the walkers’ Haute Route trek from Chamonix to Zermatt. Here are some photos of the new ladders, which I am told are a lot easier than the original set.

Kitzbühel in Feb

A few weeks ago Paul left a really rewarding comment on one of my older posts. It’s great to hear that there are complete strangers out there that find my blog exactly what I was hoping it would be. Helpful. The comment didn’t just excite me though. It also made me feel a little bit […]

Tegernseer Hütte at the foot of the Buchstein

The clocks have gone back today. There is no pretending anymore. The summer is over. It went out with a bang here in Bavaria though. Last Sunday, we had an amazingly hot and sunny day. Luckily we had a hike planned and so made the most of it.

Cabane d'Arpitetta

The Swiss canton of Valais is home to potentially the best known hut-to-hut trek in the Alps, the walker’s Haute Route. In August I spent six days in the Valais on a trek that meandered around the Haute Route. Sometimes we walked along the well known route, sometimes we skimmed just past it, and at […]


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