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My favourite walk in Munich

My favourite walk in Munich: a circular stroll along the river Isar from Wittlesbacher bridge to Flaucher and back.

Snowshoe hikers in the Wildental

Good things come to those who wait: snowshoeing in Kleinwalsertal

Planning my first self-guided snowshoeing trip took quite some time. There were at least a dozen trips in the running. Juggling route planning, avalanche risk assessment and snow conditions wasn’t straight forward. At the last minute we decided to go to Kleinwalsertal. Although the weather was grim to start with, going to Kleinwalsertal paid off […]

A lively stream in autumn

Through Hobbit land and the Misty Mountains to the Höllentalangerhütte.

In October I went on a flurry of hikes in an attempt to compensate for the hiking I missed in the summer. The one hike a week rhythm made it difficult to keep up with on the blog though. I’ve only now managed to write-up the first hike in Garmisch. We walked up through a […]

Men in highly ornate traditional Bavarian dress

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This week’s photo challenge doesn’t seemingly lend itself to hiking bloggers. BUT, if you go hiking in the Bavarian Alps you can come across chaps with a high appreciation for ornate traditional Bavarian dress. This photos is from Munich’s Viktualienmarkt, where every Saturday you can enjoy a fashion show of Bavarian dress.   Related posts: Weekly […]

Hiking in a forest in autumn

First day of winter on the Kampenwand

It is impressive how different the weather can be from year to year. Last year on the third weekend in October I hiked to the Tegernseerhütte (1, 650 m) in shorts and a t-shirt. This year I was scrambling through snow to the Kampenwand (1, 668 m), wearing a woolly hat and a pair of gloves.

Tegernseer Hütte at the foot of the Buchstein

7 hiking trips from Munich

Munich is a great gateway for hiking in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. Within just over an hour’s drive from the city, you can get to numerous trail heads. Even better, often you don’t even need a car. Most trails are accessible via an excellent network of public transport. Here are four day trips and […]

Hiking in Kleinwalsertal

A rainy hiking weekend in Kleinwalsertal

Everything comes to an end at some point and so the amazing, hot weather of early August ended precisely as we drove from Munich towards Lindau on a Friday afternoon in mid-August. A real deluge just outside of Munich set the tone for the rest of the weekend, but despite the weather we enjoyed some good […]