Two easy hikes in the Kitzbüheler Alps

Wilder Kaiser as seen from Aschau in Kitzbüheler Alpen

The ever-present Wilder Kaiser

Hiking has been set on the back burner lately and so the marmot post has suffered too. To redeem myself at least partially, I have finally put down some notes on a couple of easy hikes I did in the Kitzbüheler Alps at the beginning of May.

From Oberlandhütte to Rettensteinalm and back

The first hike was from the well-known DAV Oberlandhütte in Aschau to a mountain farm below the Rettenstein – the Rettensteinalm. The whole hike was super easy. It is a two hour gradual ascent along a dirt track with a total elevation difference of 400m and another hour and something returning back along the same road. The path leads through the moderately narrow valley along meadows and gushing streams.

At this time of the year and with the gorgeous, for May I’d even say hot weather we had that Saturday, the colours were extremely vibrant: perfectly blue sky, nearly luminous green and bright whites of the still snow-capped summits.

Kelchsau: Langer Grund to Erlahütte

This hike is very similar to the first one (about 400m elevation difference). It also follows a road through a relatively narrow valley and ends at a hut. However, the hike is a little bit longer (2,5 hrs there and not much less back) and the Langer Grund has generally a higher presence of human activity than the valley leading to the Rettensteinalm. There are two restaurants: The Moderstock and Erlahütte and the road is tarred for half of the way, with some car traffic.

The weather that Sunday was much the same as the day before, probably even hotter. Really the first opportunity of the spring to soak up some sun… and get a light sunburn.

Both hikes are perfect for anyone who just wants to stretch their legs after the winter and enjoy a picnic in the mountains.

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