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Men in highly ornate traditional Bavarian dress

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This week’s photo challenge doesn’t seemingly lend itself to hiking bloggers. BUT, if you go hiking in the Bavarian Alps you can come across chaps with a high appreciation for ornate traditional Bavarian dress. This photos is from Munich’s Viktualienmarkt, where every Saturday you can enjoy a fashion show of Bavarian dress.   Related posts: Weekly […]

On a mountain ridge in the Valais

Look up, look down

In August I posted in the WP weekly photo challenges “Beneath my feet” and obviously also had a look at some of the other bloggers who posted that week. I came across Debbie, who runs her own weekly challenge called “Look up, look down“. While looking for shots for “beneath my feet”, I also found a […]

Hailstones and leaves

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath my feet

I haven’t done the weekly photo challenge for quite some time. This week I felt like a hiking blogger has to be able to find something related to “beneath your feet”. I found three interesting shots from the last few years, but this one seems to be the prettiest. Two years ago when we hiked […]

London calling – urban walking vol. 4

While I still can’t hit the Alps properly (bar some short strolls), I at least keep going on urban walks. Two weeks ago I was in London where I managed to walk quite a bit.

The Prague Castle

Escaping the crowds in Prague – urban walk no. 3

I love Prague. Every time I go back I get excited by all the history that Prague is infused with. Past periods seem to be layered on top of each other in the streets of the Old Town as if in a big puff pastry pie of history.

A beacon fire in the Alps

Nighttime in the Alps

If you write about hiking you don’t get to take many photos at night. That makes this photo more special. It is from last year’s 1st August – a Swiss national holiday. To celebrate the Swiss light bonfires across the Alps. You can find more nighttime scenes on the daily post.

An avalanche rest

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

Every hiking trip is a little adventure. Unexpected changes to the usual route spiced up our trip to the Pfeishütte in the Karwendel. You can find more adventure on the Daily Post. Related posts: Weekly Photo Challenges An attempt at the Rumer Spitze

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

This week’s photo challenge is about photographic dialogue; about photos that in someway talk to each other. What I like about these two photos is the light. The lens flares look nearly like speech bubbles. Related posts: Weekly Photo Challenges Crossing the Untersberg in the Berchtesgadener Alps

a decaying horse carriage

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Surprisingly enough this seriously frayed horse carriage was lying in the middle of a Swiss village. I came across it during my trek through the Valais. You can find more fray on the Daily Post. Related posts: Weekly Photo Challenges First impressions from an impromptu trek in the Swiss Valais

Sunset in the Berchtesgadener Alps

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I captured several silhouettes of the Berchtesgadener Alps while I was photographing the sunset at the Stöhrhaus in June. This one though is my favourite. You will find more silhouettes on the Daily Post.