Sunset in the Alps

Sunday before last I spent the night at the Stöhrhaus on top of the Untersberg. The Untersberg is an elevated plateau in the Berchtesgadener Alps  just short of 2,000 m above sea level. What a place to watch the sun go down from! More photos from my two day trip to the Berchtesgadener Alps and a full […]

Mountain spries

  After a warm up hike three weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to start building up my via ferrata aka. Klettersteig experience. Equipped with advice from the local DAV information centre in Munich, I decided for an easy Klettersteig to the Ettaler Manndel (1, 633 m).

Rifugio Coldai on the Alta Via 1 early in the morning

I walked the Alta Via 1 in August 2011. The posts I wrote as I was planning the trip and when I came back still remain one of the most popular posts on this blog. Three years later, I thought it would be worth having a quick look for some more recent accounts of Alta Via […]

Karwendel in the distance

I kid you not, the mountain we hiked up last Sunday is called Wank. This beats my previous favourite unfortunate German name – the Bad Hotel in Überlingen. What ever the name, this was my first hiking trip this year. The 2014 hiking season has officially started!


Hütte, cabane, rifugio, chamanna are all names for mountain huts in the Alps. But what are they about? If you are planning a trek in the Alps, you will most likely be staying in mountain huts and if you’ve never been in one, you might be asking yourself what it involves. Or, you might well think that it’s […]

Hiking maps and guides

The ski season is slowly nudging towards its end and so it is time to start thinking about hiking plans for the summer. I am going on a sightseeing trip to the US with my parents at the end of September. To compensate for the moderate holiday, I’d like to push my mountaineering. The highlight of the […]

Rock spires in the Dolomites

There’s not much snow in the northern Alps this year, so we set out south last weekend and skied the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites. The Sella Ronda is really a bit of a skiing monster. It is a series of lifts and runs connected in a huge circle around the Sella massif.


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