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The ski season is slowly nudging towards its end and so it is time to start thinking about hiking plans for the summer. I am going on a sightseeing trip to the US with my parents at the end of September. To compensate for the moderate holiday, I’d like to push my mountaineering. The highlight of the […]

Rock spires in the Dolomites

There’s not much snow in the northern Alps this year, so we set out south last weekend and skied the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites. The Sella Ronda is really a bit of a skiing monster. It is a series of lifts and runs connected in a huge circle around the Sella massif.

Summit cross at the top of the Zugspitze

At the end of January I went skiing on the Zugspitze (2, 962 m) with my friend Anna. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. Although the ski resort is fairly small, skiing up there was very good, particularly as we had great weather … At least for most of the day. Here are […]

A rope team on a glacier

When I returned from a mountaineering course in glacier travel and crevasse rescue that I did in August, I took some notes of the different techniques we learnt so as not to forget everything immediately again. This post is a summary of my notes extended with additional content from across the internet to make for a meatier […]

A topless man photobombs a summit photo

My summit photos from the Schwarzhorn (3,147 m) have been properly photobombed. I edited out the offenders from the photos I published in the trip report post, but I feel it would be a shame not to share the original shots. The Schwarzhorn is a busy summit. 

Normal service will be resumed in no time

Update: Template fiddling is done. You are now enjoying the new look marmot post! In the next few days this blog might look a little bit jumbled and even completely different from day to day. That is because I am giving it a new look and feel. Please bear with me while I play around with […]

Halstätter Gletscher

In 2013 I hiked more than in any year before. I walked in South Africa, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I explored a rain forest, climbed a 3, 000 m peak and crossed a glacier. In no particular order, here are my nine hiking highlights of 2013. 


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