My favourite walk in Munich

We’ve just had five days of increadibly good weather. If it wasn’t for the still leafless trees, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was already July. And so, when I found myself in our old neigbourhood on Friday, I had to head out to Wittelsbacher bridge and then to Flaucher – by far my favourite walk in Munich.

The walk through the greenery along the river Isar starts at Wittlesbacher bridge. From there you head against the stream through a thin strip of park along the river past two more bridges (a railway bridge and Brudermühlbrücke) until you arrive at a markedly wider section of the river strewn with huge pebble islands called Flaucher.

This is also the turning point of the walk. There is a wooden pedestrian bridge (nearly a boardwalk) that connects the various islands with the two river banks.

Flaucher is the BBQ destination for Munich’s gardenless population. From spring to autumn the islands and river banks are shrowded in a light blanket of smoke. The area is also known as a prime naturist destination in Munich, so keep your eyes peeled (or not) as you cross the bridge and pick your BBQ spot carefully.

On the left bank a few hundred meters before you reach the wooden bridge there is also one of Munich’s nicest beer gardens.

It doesn’t really matter which way round you do the walk, although I prefer walking along the left bank to Flaucher and returning on the right bank. Walking this way is probably just a matter of habit, as I used to live on the left bank, but it also means that you get the traffic busy secion out of the way at the start and when you return on the oposite side the hustle of the city is a far away sound that gradually buidls up as you approach Wittlesbacher bridge. I quite liked that this Friday.

The whole walk takes around an hour to complete. Aside from the beer garden at Flaucher you can also make a pit stop at Fugazi No 15 at Wittelsbacher bridge. They serve better than average Italian food.

You can absolutly do the walk with a pram. It could only get tricky after a heavy rainfall. There is a playground at the beer garden at Flaucher and at least one other large playground between Brudermühl and Wittlesbacher bridge.

To get to the starting point you are best off taking the U3 or U6 to Goetheplatz or the U2 from Columbusplatz.

If you are looking for a running route in Munich, this is a great option. I used to run along here while I still lived in the city centre (and while I still ran). I think the loop is about 7km or so.


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