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My favourite walk in Munich

My favourite walk in Munich: a circular stroll along the river Isar from Wittlesbacher bridge to Flaucher and back.


London calling – urban walking vol. 4

While I still can’t hit the Alps properly (bar some short strolls), I at least keep going on urban walks. Two weeks ago I was in London where I managed to walk quite a bit.

The Prague Castle

Escaping the crowds in Prague – urban walk no. 3

I love Prague. Every time I go back I get excited by all the history that Prague is infused with. Past periods seem to be layered on top of each other in the streets of the Old Town as if in a big puff pastry pie of history.

A classic sightseeing walk through Munich

Two weeks ago our friend Till visited us in Munich – a perfect opportunity for another urban walk. By now we have our classic sightseeing route through town. It covers all the main sights and has so far always been a success.

Rovinj: A fishing town

As promised here is my first urban walking post. Calling Rovinj a fishing town is probably not quite right. This small Croatian port town on the Istrian peninsula is foremost a tourist destination. It is undoubtedly picturesque and so most of the summer filled with tourists taking a break from the nearby beaches. If you […]

Introducing urban walking

The headline of the marmot post says this blog is about being out and about in the Alps and anywhere else. Initially that was supposed to mean hiking in the Alps, with an allowance for an occasional hike or a ski ride elsewhere. However, with a post-injury knee, I now feel I should exploit the […]