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Morning at Lago di Braies in the Dolomites

Alta Via 1: A six day solo hike [guest post]

This September Lauralee hiked the Alta Via 1 solo along a route very similar to my 2011 route. Here is her guest post with her impressions from the trip. Enjoy the read and many thanks to Lauralee for sharing! ^marketa

The Alta Via 1 revisited: more trip reports

I walked the Alta Via 1 in August 2011. The posts I wrote as I was planning the trip and when I came back still remain one of the most popular posts on this blog. Three years later, I thought it would be worth having a quick look for some more recent accounts of Alta Via […]

Descending from Forcella Val d'Arcia

How scary really is Sentiero Flaibani?

Sentiero Flaibani is a trail in the Italian Dolomites connecting the Citta di Fiume and Venezia rifugios used as a variant of the Alta Via 1. The route skirts around the Pelmo and scrambles through its scree field to Forcella Val d’Arcia. The main AV1 guidebooks only describe it in passing. They praise the views, […]

Backpacks somewhere on the Alta Via 1

What to pack for the Alta Via 1 (or any other trek in the Alps)

Packing for the Alta Via 1 isn’t much different from packing for any other Alpine trek. Here is an equipment list including what I took on a six day trip along the AV1 last August.

On Alpe di Lagazuoi

A Forcella a day keeps the doctor away

…he can’t keep up with the uphill scrambles and downhill slides. Forcella is Italian for mountain pass and there was at least one everyday day of our trek along the Alta Via 1 this August. I spent six days on the classic Dolomites haute route with a group of friends. We walked (and swam) from […]

The Alta Via 1 sign

Along the Alta Via 1 in six days: the route

The huts are booked, the route is confirmed! In 6 weeks we’ll be setting off from Lago di Braies for the Alta Via 1. Here’s the plan and some more info. Our route As we only have six days for our hiking trip, I’ve tried to compress the original route to get a bit more […]

Monte Civetta

This year’s trek: Alta Via 1

The planning of this year’s hiking trip to the Alps continues … Having done some research on the Dolomites, the Alta Via 1 sounds like the right option. It is a typical haute route style trek from hut to hut, without exposed via ferrata (those that are part of the trail can be avoided). With […]