Four routes for a hiking trip to the Kleinwalsertal in Allgäu

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So much is happening this summer! I have only just come back from a cycling trip on Thursday and I’m already getting ready for the next adventure. We’re going hiking in the Kleinwalsertal in Allgäu next weekend.

Allgäu or rather the Allgäu Alps are a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps just South of lake Constance. Most of the range lies in Bavaria, but parts of it stretch into Austria, including the Kleinwalsertal.

Although the Kleinwalsertal belongs to Austria, it is only accessible from Germany on a road from Oberstdorf. The valley and its surrounding peaks are quite a popular hiking destination among Germans.

I’ve been looking at possible routes for a two-day hike involving a stay at a hut. There are so many options, I decided to post this before the trip for future reference or for anyone else planning a similar trip.

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The options

… For anyone who’d like to have a go at mixing a route cocktail of their own.

There are three huts most suitable for two-day trips, with several access routes and summits in their proximity:

Widdersteinhütte (2, 009 m)

Access via:

  • Bärgunttal from Baad
  • Gemsteltal from Mittelberg
  • Wildental from Mittelberg via Mindelheimer Hütte


  • Widderstein (2, 533 m)
  • Geißhorn (2, 366 m)

Mindelheimer Hütte (2, 058 m)

Access via:

  • Wildental from Mittelberg
  • Gemsteltal from Mittelberg
  • Mindelheimer Klettersteig along the Schafalpenköpfle (2, 320 m) from Fiederpass – a difficult via ferrata
  • Krumbacher Höhenweg from Fiederpass


  • Geißhorn (2, 366 m)
  • Kemptnerköpfle (2, 191 m)

Fiederpasshütte (2, 065 m)

Access via:

  • Wildental from Mittelberg
  • Kanzelwand using the Kanzelwandbahn cable car


  • Kemptnerköpfle (2, 191 m)
  • Kanzelwand (2, 058 m)
  • plus some others that seem out of our league though

The routes

Having combined different routes suggested in two Rother guides for the Kleinwalsertal, I’ve come up with these four possible two-day trips:

1 Widderstein

Day 1: Baad – Widderstein (2, 533 m) – Widdersteinhütte

A: 1, 3750 m; D: 540 m; 5.5 hrs

Day 2: Widdersteinhütte – Mindelheimer Hütte – Mittelberg via Wildental

A: 480 m; D: 1, 290 m; 4.5 hrs

Plus up to two further summit opportunities: Geißhorn (2, 366 m) add 1.5 hrs, Kemptnerköpfle (2, 191 m) add 30 mins.

2 Geißhorn and Krumbacher Höhenweg

Day 1: Mittelberg – Geißhorn (2, 366 m) via Gemsteltal – Mindelheimer Hütte

A: 1, 050 m; D: 350 m; 5.5 hrs

Day 2: Mindelheimer Hütte – Fiederpass via Krombacher Höhenweg – Mittelberg via Wildental

A: 340 m; D: 1, 100 m; 4.5 hrs

3 Across the Kleinwalsertal: Baad to Kanzelwand

Day 1: Baad – Widdersteinhütte – Mindelheimer Hütte

A: 1, 250 m; D: 0; 5.5 hrs

Day 2: Mindelheimer Hütte – Fiederpass via Krombacher Höhenweg – Kanzelwand (cable car)

A: 640; D: 740; 4.5 hrs

4 Bärgunttal and Geißhorn

Day 1: Baad – Widdersteinhütte – Mindelheimer Hütte

A: 1, 250 m; D: 0; 5.5 hrs

Day 2: Mindelheimer Hütte – Geißhorn (2, 366 m) – Mittelberg via Gemsteltal

A: 350 m; D: 1, 050 m; 4 hrs

Since I still cannot really decide for any one of these routes, I’ve booked the Mindelheimer Hütte for Saturday night, as this leaves most options open. We will decide on Friday evening depending on the weather forecast which of the routes we’ll do in the end. You will find out all about it here in due course.

If you’ve been to the Kleinwalsertal and can recommend any of the routes, please leave a comment!

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