90s revival bike trip from Munich to Passau

Cycling like urban walking is another great diversion from and not quite as great a substitute for hiking. It is also ideal for building up quads and other thigh muscles.

Hence, I packed my 90s cycling gear from my long gone teenage cycling days, appealed to a highly reluctant Constantin and finally set off on a four day bike trip from Munich to Passau.

We cycled along the Isar to Deggendorf in three days and then from there along the Danube to Passau.

We had our tent with us, hoping to do a bit of wild camping, which worked great the first night, but backfired big time the second. We ended up staying at a horrendous public campsite. After that we dropped the whole camping idea, as we realised there wasn’t much “wild nature” left along the Isar or the Danube pass Moosburg.

The cycling itself went surprisingly well. We didn’t plan any long days, but I was still really pleased I could do 60km a day without much trouble. Even our ancient cycling kit held out well. In the end only my bag carrier broke on the last day. We managed to quickly fix it with some twigs and tape!

Our route:

Day 1: Munich – Moosburg
Day 2: Moosburg – Mamming
Day 3: Mamming – Deggendorf
Day 4: Deggendorf – Passau

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