Walking at the foot of the Zugspitze

Right, I have finally made it on to a proper hike in the Alps! It was at the short and easy end of the hiking scale, but it was a hike. In fact there were two hikes.

Last weekend we stayed at the Trögelhütte above Garmisch with some friends, who were celebrating their birthday there. It was a perfect opportunity for some light hiking. The weather was a bit mixed, but at the same time it made for a nice variety of photos.

On Saturday we did a loop through the ski resort in Garmisch – the heartland of the Bavarian Alps. The hut itself was at the FIS Kandahar run. Our hike covered some of the smaller runs around Kreuzeck, looping via the Bernadeinsteig to the foot of the Bernadeinwände and then back up over the ridge and down to the Hochalm, where we hid from the rain and ate an opulent lunch.

Well not so much me, because I have once again dehydrated and had a massive headache – I solely blame it on the dodge craft beer I had on Friday night.

The sun was back out on Sunday and so we quickly dashed up the mountain to Kruezjoch, which had amazing views of the Zugspitze and the whole Wetterstein ridge. After that we simply descended to Garmisch.

Although we did a lot of walking along ski slopes, which might seem annoying, I actually really liked it. I skied in Garmisch twice before and it was nice to experience the resort in summer. It is interesting to see how different it can be and how differently you find your bearings in summer and winter.

Most importantly, I can now say I can hike again. We did 500m ascent and descent on Saturday and 300m up followed by 1,000m down. This is pretty much my limit at the moment, but hey it’s a start!

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