A classic sightseeing walk through Munich

Two weeks ago our friend Till visited us in Munich – a perfect opportunity for another urban walk. By now we have our classic sightseeing route through town. It covers all the main sights and has so far always been a success.

Starting from Sendlinger Tor on the southern edge of the old town we crisscross the relatively small city centre to its northern edge at Odeonsplatz and then head for the Eisbach with its surfers, followed by the beer garden at the Chinese tower.

A few things were a little different than usual.


Pink is my favourite colour, Egid Quirin Asam (1733)

1. We actually had a look inside the Asam church on Sendlingerstraße. The church is a typical example of southern German late baroque, having been built by the epoch’s foremost architects, the brothers Asam. This was their private church and well no expense on crazy decoration was spared. Thank god aesthetics evolve over time.

2. Till was called names by various street artists.

3. We caught the last innings of a cricket match in the English Garden. It clearly is a lot more English than I thought.


Cricket in the English Garden. Well it is pretty English then.

Including the walk back from the Chinese Tower to the University and then a bit of walking through the Glockenbachviertel, where we had dinner, we covered 12 km (who would have thought). Not bad for a first longer walk.

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