A super easy walk in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

After some walking on solid town pavements, I have ventured out on sturdy tarmac and marginally less stable forest roads in the Kitzbühler Alpen. This short and easy walk in the surroundings of Kirchberg was a good test for my recovering right knee.

The two-hour walk starts in the village and leads out to the meadows at a slight elevation above the left bank of the Ache (head for Manhart) before circling back to the Spertental valley at the Obwiesen bridge and returning along the right bank of the bubbly stream back to Kirchberg (via Röhremoos and Kasbach). The walk is about 6 km long and involves 150 m of elevation difference. It takes about 2 hours to complete.

It seems I can cope with a bit of walking involving tiny ascents and descents again. That is certainly progress. Though this mini walk was somewhere around my limit. Otherwise this walk could be a nice Sunday afternoon stroll, if you find yourself lunching in Kitzbühel, or are looking for a walk to do with small kids or older folks.

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