Introducing urban walking


Munich, Kapuzienerstraße

The headline of the marmot post says this blog is about being out and about in the Alps and anywhere else. Initially that was supposed to mean hiking in the Alps, with an allowance for an occasional hike or a ski ride elsewhere. However, with a post-injury knee, I now feel I should exploit the breadth of this mini mission statement.It has been over two months since I badly injured my knee skiing. Having had a surgery and a lot of physio, I am recovering well. I am in a way rediscovering walking. Suddenly, this simple and natural movement that I didn’t use to pay any attention to is something I need to practice and think about. Walking in itself (as opposed to limping) has become an effort.

Now if the motion of your legs is something you need to focus on, you can forget about all the fancier things you can be up to outdoors. Trekking, summiting peaks, scrambling on via ferratas is just not happening. Maybe it will be towards the end of the summer, but for now all the walking needs to happen on solid largely flat ground.

And so the marmot post is getting a new post category: Urban walking.

You can expect photos from what are largely photo or sightseeing walks through mainly Central European towns and cities. I have already done a good deal of walking around Munich and Rovinj. London, Prague and potentially Verona should join the list throughout the summer.

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  1. Hi Marketa, really sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it gets better soon so you can get out and about again in the mountains. All the best, Martin

    1. Hi Martin!

      Thanks. It’s getting better, but just needs time (a lot of time). I hope I’ll be able to get back to some proper walking in August/ September.


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