Long time no see

A few weeks ago Paul left a really rewarding comment on one of my older posts. It’s great to hear that there are complete strangers out there that find my blog exactly what I was hoping it would be. Helpful.

The comment didn’t just excite me though. It also made me feel a little bit bad. Paul’s comment reminded me that I haven’t been spending much time writing for the marmot post lately. As it seems now, I should have some time on my hands to catch-up on things in the next few weeks.

Since my last post about our quick hike to the Teegernseer Hütte at the end of October, it’s been all about skiing and a little bit about travelling. So per se, a lot less material to write about, but also not enough time to bring some of the post ideas I’ve got hanging around to paper.

Urban walking

Even before my last post in October last year, I got distracted by a family trip to the US, which I wrote a private blog about. We spent most of the trip in the car driving along the East Coast from New York to Miami, but indeed did a lot of walking in the Big Apple. The next marmot post distraction was my work trip to China before Christmas, where I at least did a good deal of walking through Shanghai.


I started the ski season early and finished it prematurely this year. It kicked-off in early November on the Hintertuxer Gletcher and ended two weeks ago with an injured knee.

14 days of skiing, over 380 km of downhill runs and several torn ligaments 😦

On the plus side I now have plenty of time to catch-up on the marmot post, though the summer season in the Alps will take a hit. I am thinking light cycling instead of full on hiking. Let’s see what will happen and what comes out of it on the marmot post.

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