The Alta Via 1 revisited: more trip reports

Leaving rifugio Coldai

On the Alta Via 1: leaving rifugio Coldai

I walked the Alta Via 1 in August 2011. The posts I wrote as I was planning the trip and when I came back still remain one of the most popular posts on this blog. Three years later, I thought it would be worth having a quick look for some more recent accounts of Alta Via 1 trips. Here are a few more voices from across the internet and their more recent take on the Alta Via 1.

Trip reports

Michael DeYoung walked the Alta Via 1 in September 2013. His account is a good example of the abrupt weather changes possible towards the end of the season. It is also packed with stunning photos. Not too surprising since Michael seems to be a pro photographer.

In addition to a great guide, Alpine Exploratory have also published a trip report written by one of their customers.

Finally David and Diane have posted more great photos from their Alta Via 1 trip in 2012 on their blog.

I’d like to expand this library of Alta Via 1 trip reports. If you are interested in sharing your experience of walking the AV1, check out my guest posts page for more details.

2015 update: Also check out this geust post from Lauralee about her experience hiking the Alta Via 1 solo in September 2015.

Alta Via 1 guides

Jennifer and Tim at JDomb’s Travels have written a couple of general posts about the AV1 with routes, info on when to go and what to expect following their 2013 trip. Both include great photos.

The folks at Alpine Exploratory have written up a super comprehensive description of the Alta Via 1 and the route. It is nearly a complete guide to the trek and includes a couple of different shorter variants.

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Are you planning to walk the AV1 this summer and would like to share your experience on the marmot post? Get in touch via the comments or check out the guest posts page for more details.



  1. Paul Graham · · Reply

    Hi Marketa,

    Firstly, I’d like to say thanks for the very comprehensive and detailed information about AV1 (your original post and this one). From what I’ve seen it’s the best on the web!

    I’m doing the AV1 by myself in late June this year and I’m wondering if I can get some insight from you since you have done it.

    The question I have is to do with finishing and the rifugios towards the end. Based on other accounts I have booked Pian De Fontana and then walking to Bianchet for the next night. From here I’m not really too sure where I go. Is it possible to get from Bianchet to Belluno in 1 day?

    The detailed accounts you have linked; ( look like they stay in Pian De Fontana as their final refugio, bypass Bianchet and head directly out of the walk to a little bus stop called La Pissa (which I’ve managed to locate on a map). The second ( go from Pian De Fontana to Bianchet to 7° Alpini and from 7° Alpini walk to Belluno. The second option adds another couple of days to the route.

    Which one have you done? And would you recommend one over the other?

    Thanks very much for your help.


    1. Hi Paul!

      Thanks for the praise! I am glad it’s all useful.

      Unfortunately, I have only walked the first 7 stages of the AV1, so can’t offer first hand experience.

      However, looking at the guide I have at home the “official” route ends at the bus stop in La Pissa, where you can catch a bus to Belluno. La Pissa should be easy to reach in a day (less than 4hrs of walking) from Pian de Fontana.

      You could also opt for the longer, but more exciting via ferrara route between Pian de Fontana and Rifugio 7. Alpini (7 hrs!) You will need special equipment for that though. From 7. Alpini it should be less than 3 hrs to Bolzano Bellunese, where you can get a bus to Belluno.

      I hope this helps.

      Enjoy the rest of your trip planning!


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