My 2014 hiking plans

Hiking maps and guidesThe ski season is slowly nudging towards its end and so it is time to start thinking about hiking plans for the summer. I am going on a sightseeing trip to the US with my parents at the end of September. To compensate for the moderate holiday, I’d like to push my mountaineering. The highlight of the summer should be the ascent of a rather high peak in the Alps.

I haven’t decided on which summit it should be yet, but I’m aiming for something close to 4, 000 m. Maybe the Gran Paradiso (4, 061 m) or one of the peaks in the  Monte Rosa group.

Aside from this big trip, I’d also like to do a few smaller trips:

  • A couple of via ferrata trips to get to grips with the technique more
  • Ascent the Zugspitze and tick off the highest German mountain
  • Go wild camping again for a nature and independence kick
  • Do a trip involving a glacier crossing, because it’s more exciting than normal hiking
  • Hike in the Appalachians while in the US

If I am to make it to 4, 000 m and back I will need do a bit of training. I better make sure these trips and a few more really happen. I am off to start planning the big trip to provide the training motivation now!

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  1. Hi Marketa, My trip to Norway is pretty much set in stone. The flights are booked. It is not possible to book huts in Norway, however a bed is gauranteed for everyone and we have a plan. Many of the huts are unmanned and members of the Norwegian Trekking Assoc can get a key which fits most of the huts. As far as I can tell anyone can join and a key can be picked up at a local office. More info on the site (also in english). The payment system in Norway is based on honesty. At the end of your stay you put the money/cheque/credit card swipe in the strong box on your way out. The unmanned huts have provisions that you are free to use for a price and there are cooking facilities. On the site the huts are listed together with photo’s and what level of (dis)comfort you can expect. All huts have blankets but a sheet sleeping bag is compulsory. Having looked at the are via the net really looking forward to going.

    Cheers, Martin

  2. Hi Marketa, I see my last post did not make it to the site. Norway plans are pretty much set in stone. Flights are booked. It is not possible to book huts in Norway. On the other hand a bed is gauranteed for everyone. A very different system to that in the Alps. A lot of huts are unmanned but have provisions available together with cooking facilities. At the end of your stay you put the money/cheque/credit card swipe in the strong box on your way out. The system is based on honesty. As far as I kan tell anyone can join the Norwegian Trekking Assoc, upon arrival in Norway a key kan be picked up at a local office. The key is general to most of the most huts. There is more info on the site if anyone is interested. There is also an English section on the site. Cheers, Martin

  3. Hi Marketa,
    Super plans, a lot to look forward to. If you’re going up to 4000m then you will probably cross a glacier/steep snow fields anyway. Get two for the price of one. Here is a question, what are your favorite snacks for during the day? Maybe others have some suggestions too. Personnally I like to take dried sausages, smoked cheese/crackers, pate and apple cookies, cerial bars etc.

    1. Hi Martin, good to see you back on the marmot post! You’re right it’s unlikely there won’t be a glacier if we’re going as high up as 4,000 m. I think I need a bit more practice first though 🙂 Good question about the snacks. I’ve actually been thinking whether to write a whole post about hiking food. Maybe I should. My usual trip diet is similar to yours: dried sausage, cheese, rye bread, apples and muesli bars. Last year we came up with a few new ideas to mix it up a little bit with some meat balls (somehow packaged in a way that they keep for a couple of days), hard boiled eggs and baby peppers and courgettes. How’s the planning of your Norway trip going?

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