Skiing the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites

Rock spires in the Dolomites

Snow and sun on the Sella Ronda

There’s not much snow in the northern Alps this year, so we set out south last weekend and skied the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites. The Sella Ronda is really a bit of a skiing monster. It is a series of lifts and runs connected in a huge circle around the Sella massif.

The Sella massif

The Sella massif

The Sella massif is one of the biggest mountain groups in the Dolomites. Its crossing is part of the Alta Via 2. Martin who’s written about his AV2 trip for the marmot post has  spent a couple of days crossing the massif and ascending its highest point – the Piz Boe (3, 151 m).

It took us nearly the whole day to ski around once. That said it is quite exciting to be able to cover so much distance in a day. I was particularly excited by the skiers’ crossing in Wolkenstein, where the ski run ends right at the main road in the village.

Skiiers in Wolkenstein

Skis off, cross the road and jump in the next cable car


Our merry band of skiers

We had great weather on Saturday, with lots of sun. Sunday unfortunately turned for worse. It was foggy, windy; it snowed and even rained. A proof that it’s not always sunny in Italy. It wasn’t too bad though, as I was feeling a little bit numb following another Zirben storm on Saturday evening. The Austrian influence in this mixed Austrian and Italian region was strong.

I’ll leave you with one more photo of snowy spires…


The dolomite spires of the Sella massif

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