The best of last summer

Vistas on the Haute Route Pyrenees

Summer 2011 on the Haute Route Pyrenees

Finally! The summer has arrived. After the rainiest April in 100 years followed by the coldest May on record we are due a great one. Last year there were many great posts (and even series of posts) flying about the Internet. Here are two of my favourites in anticipation of what this summer might bring. Plus, an amazing trip in the Dolomites from a couple of summers ago.

David Lintern: Haute Route Pyrenees

David Lintern’s planning, account and reports of the Haute Route Pyrenees were by far the most exciting thing on outdoor blogs last summer and definitely my favourite. This post showing the highlights of David’s trip along this 370 mile long beast connecting the Bay of Biscay with the Mediterranean is the best place to start.

Acacia: The Bomber Traverse, Alaska

This trip report stuck in my mind, because it somehow feels very different to the European trips I am used to. It has a whole different feeling of remoteness, isolation and roughness. The all pervasive grey rocks, hardly any vegetation and grey skies give it a solemn, serious air. It feels like it’s just you and Alaska and nothing else. Acacia has written 4 posts about this trip, starting with the first stage of her trip from Trailhead to Mint Hut.

DolomiteSport: Val San Nicolo ridge traverse, Val di Fassa – Italy

By all accounts, or well by the account of the Patituccis on their DolomiteSport blog, this is the trip to do in the Dolomites if you have a day to spare. It is a mammoth trip overlooking both the Southern and Northern Dolomites with views of all their peaks, two via ferratas, and a good measure of World War One history along the way. The Patituccis estimate that it is about 26-28 kilometers and about 3800 total meters of climbing. It took them 14 hours including breaks, so I’d say this would be a great weekend trip with sleeps in the huts on the way.

My personal best of summer 2011:

What where your summer 2011 favourites? Share your wisdom in the comments section!



  1. Martin Chaplin · · Reply

    Hi Marketa, As I may have mentioned, over two weeks I will leave for the Alta via 2 in the Dollomites. I found this link and thought you might like it.
    Watch the video full screen
    Enjoy, Martin

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the link! It looks very helpful. I’ll add it to ‘Hiking in the Dolomites‘.

      Good luck with the rest of your trip prep and enjoy the trek when you get to Italy!


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