7 day trips in Brecon Beacons

I’m going to the Brecon Beacons for the weekend next week. It will be my first trip there, so I’m in need of trip inspiration. Here are seven walks I found on other blogs.

  1.  A weekend in the Black Mountains (One day trip)
  2.  Bank holiday in the Black Mountains (Two one day trips)
  3.  Solitude in the Black Mountains (Three one day trips)
  4.  A bloody nose in Brecon (And one more, which technically isn’t a day trip, but surely could be cut down)
Plus 2 bonus trips – the two I ended up doing in Wales this January:

If you’ve got any other suggestions for day trips in Brecon Beacons, let me know in the comments section.

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One comment

  1. Martin Chaplin · · Reply

    Hi, These photo’s brought back some fond memories of my first backpacking trip with my Dad more than 30 years ago. Pen-y-Fan is not to be missed but the weather needs to be good. What ever you decide, it’s a beutiful area.


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