Via ferrata Averau in fog and rain

At the start of the Averau sentiero attrezzato

At the start of the Averau sentiero attrezzato

First full day of my holiday in Italy and yes I brought the weather with me. I was in the Dolomites with a group of friends to walk the Alta Via 1. But before we got trekking we saved out a day to try out a via ferrata.

With rain and thunderstorms forecast for the day, we picked the easiest trip with a simple return route that we had on our shortlist.

We didn’t have that much time for the trip either – we needed to rent via ferrata kit first. We got it from Snow Service Cortina opposite the bus station for €15 per person per day.

Getting there from Cortina

At about 10 am we finally set off towards the Bain De Dones parking on the road to Passo Falzarego, as a grey cloud hung all over the valley. There we decided not to take the chairlift (€10 a ride). Heading up right under the lift, we were at rifugio Scoiattoli in less than 45 minutes. As we arrived at the Cinque Torri near by, we were welcomed by rain. Rifugio Averau was just a few more minutes up the road. A path towards the Averau summit and the via ferrata starts there.

We stayed at the hut for an hour or so, while we had lunch and hoped the weather would improve. When the rain hadn’t stopped we buried our hopes and set off into the fog and drizzle. Fifteen minutes later we were at the start of the via ferrata.

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Averau: Turning around

Turning around

The ferrata

The via ferrata is very short indeed. After a short scramble up the rock face, there is a ladder within a narrow crack leading up to a short ledge. Then it’s a short traverse, before a final section along the iron rope up stepped rock. The route was relatively easy, although the slippery wet rock gave it a bit of an edge. Even so the secured section took only 30 minutes.

After the via ferrata, the trip to Averau continues with a scree field up to the summit, which, however, we never found. We struggled to find the way in the fog and it was getting late. In the end we turned around to a great dislike of the boys and descended the same way down. Even finding the end point of the via ferrata took us a while.

Returning on the via ferrata Averau

Disappearing into the fog one after another under Pavel’s supervision

Seeing the photos on ilovethedolomites, we’ve clearly missed out on a lot in the bad weather. The views look stunning. Well next time. The trip was still worth doing. Testing out a via ferrata was a great experience. I definitely want to go back and try some more.

The view from the Averau summit

What we could have seen … the view from the Averau summit

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And yet again, thanks to Pavel for his photo contribution.


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